Privacy Policy

Mathscare is a website for public use for questions and answers owned and operated by GPMAS Education Private Ltd (further referred as we or us or the website or Mathscare)

Mathscare products, services and websites can be accessed by users across various locations including in jurisdictions which have specific privacy requirements.

This privacy policy describes how we collect, use, protect, share and transfer information about you that we collect when you use any of our products and services, our websites, or apps or otherwise interact with us.

We collect and process your personal information in order to offer you our Products and Services. If you decline to provide us with personal information when we ask you, you may not be able to access all or some of our services, and you may not be able to use the Products and Services. For example, if you do not provide us with your email address or other information required for account registration, we will not be able to register you the services.

We collect information such as your username, password, email address, IP address (collected at each site visit). Your username and additional content you provide, including your profile picture, question and answer content, and your reputation, are visible publicly. We or our community moderators may delete a question, an answer, a comment, or all of them and after deletion such information is only available to certain community members or Mathscare employees.

We collect data including delivery address, email address, and telephone numbers for operational purposes, including providing Services and Products.

We collect data including internet protocol (IP) address, your login data, traffic data, browser type and version, time zone setting and location, browser plug-in types and versions, operating system, and platform and other communication data which gives us information about how you accessed our website. Other account information and usage information including your IP address and browser data may be used for diagnosis, security, and Product and Service optimization.

We collect information through questionnaires, surveys and feedback programs to help improve our products and give us insights. We may also conduct similar research for advertisers and our marketing partners. We ask you for your consent to use this information when you participate in these programs and events.

When you register for a Mathscare account, we collect your name and email address, your username and any additional information you provide. We need to collect your personal information for account registration purposes. This requires a name associated with your account, an email address at which we can contact you, and in some cases, additional information, including a contact address, a billing address, and a password to help secure your personal information.

When completing a public “profile”, we may require you to share certain personally identifying information in required and optional profile fields. The name associated with your account, which you may review and change in your account settings, as well as reputation points are publicly displayed and connected to your activity the website and via certain Products and Services, such as our Talent and Teams platforms. Moderators, who have elevated access privileges, may access non-public user profile data, as well as content in posts and other public data.

We need information to identify and authenticate you. This information to be able to recognize you, for example, when you access your accounts. It also helps us to protect your details and keep them secure. We may also use this information for fraud detection and prevention.

Mathscare uses data analytics to ensure site functionality and to optimize our Product and Service offerings to you. We use web browser and mobile analytics to allow us to understand Network and Apps functionality. In doing so, we record information including, for example, how often you visit the Network, how often you contribute content, Network and Apps performance data, errors and debugging information, and the type of activity you engage in while on the Network or in your use of our Products and Services. We may on occasion share this information with third parties with whom we have contracts for products and services to assist Mathscare.

When you visit the website, Mathscare automatically receives and records information from your browser or mobile device, such as your Internet Protocol (IP) address or unique device identifier. Cookies and data about which pages you visit on our Network allow us to operate and optimize the Products and Services we provide to you. This information is stored in secure logs and is collected automatically.

Please be aware that when using the website, you cannot revoke permission for Mathscare to publish and to allow others to have derivative rights to such public content once it is made public.

The content you contribute on the public network is public, in perpetuity, and Mathscare loses direct control over such content when it is published on the open internet. This also means that if you post personal information about yourself, you do so at your own risk, including the risk of abandoning any privacy rights you had in such information. However, we can work with users to remove any personal data that has been posted in error or which a user wishes to remove.

Additionally, from time to time, Mathscare makes such public content available via shareable links or APIs. You should be aware that such content, once public, cannot often be removed from public view even if it is removed from the Mathscare network and our servers.